Taking databases to the next level

FileMaker's ease-of-use and built-in templates make it a great way to begin building a database for your organization. Many of our customers started by building their own databases and then called on us to leverage their work into polished finished solutions. Whether it is just helping your developer, adding new functionality, or having our team do all the development we are ready to help.

We build & maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Below are some examples of how we have helped their businesses and what we can do for yours.

Real Estate

A multi-state real estate appraisal company needed a solution to track property "comparables". JEDtech took their existing system and upgraded it to work smoothly for a wide variety of unique property types for local and remote offices. When they needed to more closely track appraiser hours and expenses we developed a unique time-reporting system tied to their existing job-tracking. This allows them to constantly monitor costs for each project and spot problems before they become severe. The system also tracks performance versus objectives for employees to calculate commissions and bonuses.

Graphic Design

When a graphic arts company specializing in 3-D animation needed a way to automate and track their process they came to JEDtech for a solution. We developed a comprehensive system to track everything starting with the sales estimate and carrying through into the actual project, creation of the graphics and animations, and tracking personnel hours. Now they can see at a glance the status of all of their pending estimates, in-process projects, time-tracking, and profitability.


A school district needed a way to track their computers, software licenses, telephones, and other equipment. They also needed to track repairs. Starting with one of our templates we customized a solution to fit their needs. We included a web portal where users could submit a repair request and have it quickly added to the repair queue.


When a manufacturing company needed help enhancing their existing databases to better track their production process we made it happen. Previously their process involved creating a final inspection at the end of the production process. This limited their ability to track inspections during each manufacturing stage. Working within their existing database structure we were able to add a new barcode-based step-by-step inspection tracking which now allows them to monitor the inspection process for each manufacturing step.