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John Duncan

Sr. Consultant

JEDtech's senior consultant, John Duncan, has more than 30 years of software development and project management experience spanning a wide range of systems from mainframes and servers to desktops, mobile solutions and the web. John's background includes a degree in Computer Science, an MBA in Management, technical and managerial experience in the former Bell System, Apple Computer, and 22 years at JEDtech.

John is also a certificated private pilot and enjoys flying a Cessna 182 whenever possible.

John is certified in
FileMaker 8-13 and 14.

Steve Duncan

Sr. Developer

Sr. Developer Steve Duncan is in charge of JEDtech's Phoenix-area office. He has a BS in Information Technologies from Western Michigan University, is a Dale Carnegie graduate and has been working with FileMaker for more than 10 years.

He has implemented a wide variety of database solutions in the real estate, graphics, healthcare, non-profit, and other industries.

Steve also enjoys drag racing and car shows, and is often seen at events around Phoenix in his electric blue Dodge Neon SRT4.

Steve is certified in
FileMaker 8-12 and 13.


Stephanie Duncan


Stephanie Duncan is JEDtech's office manager and a Jr. Developer. She has a degree from Eastern Michigan in Creative Writing with a focus on Children's and Young Adult Fiction and is adding to her Filemaker skills. Stephanie has developed a database solution for a real-estate development company that allows them to track their property acquisitions and make critical decisions about refurbishment and resale.

Stephanie enjoys managing her time between work and their 1 year old boy Britton, 3 year old girl Reagan, 4 dogs and 2 cats.